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CCBC Orange Spotted Slant Head
Early Thin Body Husky Pikie

Has some honest wear but is still very presentable.
Super Rare, Special Order Slant Head Color!
So Hard to find on a Thin Body Husky Pikie!
Wood body measures 6" long and has Glass Eyes.


Creek Chub Whitefish w/ Pink Accent Plastic
Jointed Husky Pikie In Correct Box

Lure Very Nice and Unfished with minimal wear.
Box is Correctly Stamped 3000P WF.
Rare Special Order Color!


Creek Chub Rainbow Plastic Jointed Pikie

Nice One in a Rare Special Order Color!
Super Hard to find on a Plastic 2600!


Creek Chub Early Intro Wiggler

Has a bit of honest wear but is still a looker.
Early Intro Model with Washer Cups!


Creek Chub Silver Flash Triple Jointed Pikie

Very Nice with only light wear.


Creek Chub Orange Spotted Plastic 730 Pikie

Nice with a little light wear.
Tough Color For Sure!


Creek Chub Solid Black Jointed Darter

May be over varnished but I think it's
from the factory because the lure looks
Unfished. Tough Special Order Color!


Creek Chub Golden Shiner Darter

Nice with light wear and one eye is missing.
Super Tough Special Order Color!
This is the first one I've seen!


Creek Chub Empty Box For Flyrod Lure

Nice Empty Box!
Just needs a lure to fill it!


Creek Chub Nite Glow
Day N Nite Pikie In Correct Box

Very Nice with minimal wear & it still
glows! Box is Correctly Stamped 721.
Hard To Find A Combo This Nice!


CCBC Pressed Eye Yellow Spotted
Darter In Unmarked Box

Very Nice with minimal wear. Super Rare Pressed
Eye Model! Creek Chub painted these on
Shakespeare Bodies and they are Very Hard to find.
The end label is missing from the box.


Creek Chub Dace Plastic Injured Minnow

Has a bit of expected wear but is tough one!
Hard to find color on the Plastic model!


CCBC Silver Flash Lefty Baby Injured Minnow

Pretty nice with a little expected wear.
Tough to find Left Facing model!


CCBC Shur Strike Shiner Scale SO Surface Minnow

Nice with only light wear.
Pretty Color!


CCBC White Body Blue Slant Head No Eye Pikie

Has some honest wear and the head
is discolored but this is still So Rare!


Creek Chub Silver Shiner Darter

Nice with a little normal wear.
Rare Special Order Color!


CCBC SPECIAL ORDER 1620 Baby Injured
Minnow In Green Gar With Original Hang Tag!

You can search and search but
you'll never ever find one this nice
ever again! Impossible to find lure in this color
let alone how insanely nice it is! (tiniest hairline in one eye
but you can't even feel it with your fingernail!
Gold Military Stamp "Injured Minnow" on the top! SO NICE!

Taking the five loaves and two fish and looking up to Heaven, Jesus gave thanks
and broke the loaves...The number of men who had eaten that day was five thousand.
Mark 6:41-44

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